Borderscape – The primary colors

The idea of Borderscape – The primary colors is to challenge the notion of flag, territory and borders. But instead of regarding borders as symbolic fences and as the markers of an essential difference, the work blurs this notion and puts it in its proper place. It represents a commonality among people.
It is drawn by mud and water taken from that common point on the border and installed into a flag shape kind of aquarium. This “common territory” is alive and forms an ecosystem created by soil’s bacteria and water. It is the primary matter and colors, origin of life. It is in fluid and in constant evolution.

Borders and flags are human inventions, making them relative according to history. Borders appear as imaginary lines separating the world into different territories. Flags are created as their distinctive signs and symbols. Yet there is only a single geography, as a single natural territory.

material: mud from a specific border, bacteria, water, nutriment, Plexiglas – dimension 100 x 60 cm